Ringpu (Tianjin) Bio-Pharmacy Co.,Ltd.
Name:Ringpu (Tianjin) Bio-Pharmacy Co.,Ltd.
About Us
Ringpu Biology, as a leading enterprise in the industry of animal health products of China and as a listed company concentrated on veterinary drugs in the stock market A of China, taking aim at the developmental frontier of biotechnology and animal medicine internationally, concerning the national needs in agricultural sustainable development, holding on the company spirit of “foresight,innovation,honesty and devotion”, is contributing her shares to the industry technical progress, health development of animal breeding and safety of animal-origined foodstuffs with high quality products. Founded in 1998, through continuous innovation and pioneering for over a decade,Ringpu Biology has grown into a large-scale industry cluster in animal health from a single veterinary drug processing plant at first. Now, Ringpu Biology manages 6 GMP production bases, namely, Ringpu (Tianjin) Biological Pharmaceutical Co. LTD., Ringpu (Baoding) Biological Pharmaceutical Co. LTD., Tianjin Ringpu Hi-Tech Bio-pharmaceutical Co. LTD., Hubei Longxiang Pharmaceutical Co. LTD., Hunan Sinoland Bio-pharmacy Co. LTD., Inner Mongolia Ringpu Dadi Animal Pharmaceutical Co. LTD.. Ringpu Biology has more than 30 large production lines, such as raw material medicine production line, powder/ pulvis/premix, oral taken liquid production line, disinfector production line, injection production line, granule production line, troche production line, inactivated vaccine production line and live vaccine production line and so on. With its enormous production capacity, Ringpu Biology has become one of the production bases in China producing animal health products at the largest scale and of the most complete varieties, which integrate pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical preparations, biological vaccine and feed addictives. Ringpu Biology has devoted itself to the continuous development and production of high-quality and high value-added products. At present, Ringpu Biology has more than 280 varieties of animal products concerning poultry, domestic animals, pets and aquatic products etc., among which, there are almost 170 chemical drugs, over 50 biologicals, more than 30 feed additives and over 30 plant extract preparations. As the product reveals the moral quality, the control represents the credibility, and the quality links the life. Ringpu Biology keeps faithful observance to its quality promise, insists on that the inner control criteria is 10% higher than the national standards. The eligible rates of the inspected products from Ringpu Biology keeps the top place in the industry continuously for 11 years. Her major products stand first on the list among a number of segment markets. The favorable market share and excellent product effects have made the brand “Ringpu” well known and universally acknowledged among the industry and customers. Ringpu Biology has been successively recognized by the national industry association as “Top 10 Enterprises of Veterinary Biologics”, “Top 50 Enterprises of Veterinary Pharmaceutical Preparations”. The products of Ringpu Biology have been awarded as “Tianjin Famous Products”. The Ringpu has been assessed as “Most Influential Brand in 2006 in China Animal Health Products Industry”, “Influential Brand in 2009 in China Animal Husbandry”, “Most Influential Brand in China Animal Husbandry in Honour of Reform and Openness for 30 Years”. Ringpu Biology has become the “Chinese Leading Enterprise at Scientific and Technological Innovations in Animal Science & Veterinary Medicine” with her rich harvests. Ringpu Biology has established the distribution channels in 30 provinces around China, won the tender of government bid purchasing in 21 provinces, and formed steady cooperative relations with 743 large-scale breeding enterprises. There are more than 2,200 first-class distributors covering national 500 key animal-breeding counties. Ringpu Biology also proceeds product registrations and sales in Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Philippine and many other countries. Thus she can integrate its sales and provide “one-stop” and comprehensive services to customers with her perfect market network construction, convenient and efficient logistics service mechanism. Ringpu Biology, a flagship of China Animal Health Products Industry! The pioneer of the industry, where the trust lies.
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